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died [2020, #, ], 07:01 | 05.03.2007 | цитировать
We're mortal kings
We're good and kind
Lot useless things
We keep in mind

We haven't shame
When knock as knife
Tried play the game
Named cruel life

We tope and dope
Can cause offence
But always hope
On second chance

So if a woe
Is happened near
As like as foe
We stay in a rear

Can't get enough
Because we're greed
We always laugh
Until will bleed

We bury dreams
There deep inside
Obey to screams
Of foolish pride

Just try pretend
For god we pray
First can be friend
But then betray

We hide poor face
Behind blur masks
We're greatest race
With stupid tasks

When take a vow
Seem too insane
In false we bow
We're just inane

Same beasts in a cage
We're meek and weak
Althou we're sage
Behave like freak

We dare to swear
What never would
Despaired by fear
But we're still good

We kill the Earth,
Exist in gloom
To meet a death
Is our doom

In nothing drive
Believe in a lie
We stay alive
Deserved to die...
Severida [37, #, ], 02:24 | 19.03.2007 | цитировать
:) Красиво... прочитала вслух...хорошо звучит...только не до конца понятно... есть в переводе?:)
KAP [33, #, ], 09:47 | 19.03.2007 | цитировать
Following the Sun, to find the one
Who’s giving you the wings to fly
Following the Sun, the golden one
Losing sense for space and time

I’m following the Sun
To find the one

Can you feel the waves of life?
Can you hear the sigh of love?
Do you believe in it?

Following the Sun, just for the one
Till you’ll find the door you thought
Following the Sun, like everyone
Searching for a sign of hope

I’m following the Sun
To find the one

Have a look up to the sky
See the billion stars above
Cos maybe on one of them
You’ll spend your further life

Cos maybe on one of them
You’ll spend your further life

I’m following the Sun
To find the one


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